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8 things, you propably don't know about motor bikers

As you already may know, some time ago I started to riding a motorbike. It started in Thailand and Cambodia, which are not the best locations for learning to drive in the first place.

Now, in Poland, my adventure with motorcycling continuos. I noticed or learnt couple things that you may or not know.

1. Motorbike accelerates 4 times faster than a car

So if you don’t have M, AMG or S somewhere in the name our your car, there is just no point in revving at the traffic lights just have no point. And no, 250 horse in your car is not much. But the truth is that it will still some fun leaving you behind ;)

2. Not every motorcyclist is an „organ donor”

This name cycles around people. And in my opinion this saying is very unfair for most of the riders. The fact is that there are couple fractions of motorcyclists. Basic groups are:

1. Biker

2. Fighter

3. Tourer (my aspirations reach here)

4. Dirty

5. UFO

6. Sunbiker/ Weekend 

So called „donors” may be find in UFO group. In this group you can find two kinds of riders. There are riders and Smurfette’s. First ones rides big bikes and are experienced riders. Second subgroup, usually rookies with bigger balls then brains.

3. Over speed we treasure turns more

My personal fun zone is between 40 and 80 km/h and as many turns as possible.

4. Bikes don’t break well while turning

Emergency breaking is simply impossible. Yes we can slow down. But in most cases it might be not enough. So we need to plan ahead, what might happen or be behind next corner. So just please think twice next time you stop to by berries or mushrooms from a booth by the road.

5. Turn right to turn left

This technique is called counter steering. So to turn left you need to push out your handle bar right. Turning a motorbike is more similar to skiing. Yes, I’m not joking. So skies varies on carving radius. The harder you push on your edges and the smaller the radius is the tighter your turn will be. So if you push out your handle bar basically your bike with have a z smaller turning radius due to the shape of the tire. 

6. Motorbike doesn’t turn as well as a car

It’s connected with previous point. In the car you can do hard turn one after another. On the bike balance plays huge role. Another thing is that in the car wheels decide where you go. On a bike it’s carving radius and the angle of the bike to the ground.

7. Motor bikers are not the fault of most accidents

Many people say that we cause most of accidents. Police reports from 2013 in Poland indicates something different. 967 out of 2210 accidents, where bikers were involved, were caused by them. Most common pattern of them was forcing the right of the way by car drivers and blocking the way for motorcycle. Police admits thought, that speeding was a factor in many of those accidents as well. So fellow riders, slow down at a junction. And fellow drivers check the road three times before going.

8. We greet each other on the road

Most of riders raises theirs left hand to greet another rider coming from opposite direction. We usually don’t know each other. But still it’s a nice gesture, that makes you feel not alone there.

So left up!!


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