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About the offroad trip to Hong Kong


Philippine chaos theory

Trip wasn’t too kind for me so far. I would like to write that I’m sitting on the beach with laptop on my knees. Beach is here, but I caught a cold so I’m in the bed.

So trip to the place I’m no, Kingfisher on very north of Luzon, took me 5 days. First bus to Warsaw, then plane to Rome, where I had 24h till next flight. Extra time I used for some work and movie catch up. So here you can see the results.


I even had some time to take a nap. Another flight to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, took another 4,5 h. Landing and then a surprise. I was expecting gold statues and fountains blowing up to the sky liters of oil. No, nothing like that, only surprise was that even queue were divided for male and females. So remind me why I’m paying almost 1,5 euro for petrol?

I made new Polish friends there, so we had 5h of waiting on that airport. I managed to exchange Scottish Pond, thanks to kindness of some other client. So I bought a box of fresh fruits and a cola. When I look on it now, I should had sticked with just cola, as on the plane my nightmare begun. First the hot hits, then shallow breath I think I even passed out for a moment. When I woke up everything what was in my stomach was on me. I spent 2h in the toilette (sorry fellow travelers).

On the plus side I got free blanket and 2 extra sits, that I could use for resting. Only thing I could dream about at this point was a shower. 

From that point on I’m definitely more concerned about what I eat. So my next meal was at McDonald’s, same old junk food everywhere.

We landed at 6pm local time. On the airport Mary Jane from car rental was supposed to wait for us. A little bit of formal stuff and I was ready to hit the road with Kovalski and Stefanek. But first we rented a hotel room for 3h… to get a shower.

It was already past 9pm and traffic was still sick. Traffic jam everywhere. As driver delivering the car to the airport said driving rules here are just a suggestions, just don’t hit anyone and you are fine. Pure definition of chaos theory. But there is a rule in all of it’s chaos. I haven’t seen a single accident. 

A way to Banaue (360km) was supposed to take us 12h, we managed to do it in 9h including 1h nap and couple photo shots. Until we reach mountains all the way it seems like we are in one big city. We couldn’t say when one city or village starts or ends. Buildings by the road were always there. At 2 am everyone were on the streets. I wonder when they sleep. 

First view that we saw just after the sun rise was like a scene from M.A.S.H.

And then the rice terraces came.

The most incredible once of course were in Banaue. There were also 6 floor buildings raised on the side of the mountains. I have no idea how they are still standing there. I also don’t know how electricity works.

We had a nice breakfast and my friends stayed in Banaue while I hit the road to get some kitesurfing.

I thought about visiting Sagada to see the hanging coffins, but road signs are almost non existing so I missed it. 100km I was driving for 8h and I actually did 200km. Some road were closed, some didn’t exist. GPS maps for this country are also mostly suggestions.

I finally managed to find the main road, find internet and had a good night sleep on petrol station.

Next day I reached the place that was suggested to me. It’s like end of the end of the world and it’s beautiful. Some flat, nice waves and wind that doesn’t stop.

Unfortunately on my first kite session I caught a cold so instead of I kiting I’m in my bed. Maybe tomorrow.



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