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I’m kitesurfing, so I’m training... yyy.. NOPE

I don’t want to sound like gym nazi, but kite is fun, not a training. It took me a while till I realised it. But still, better now then never.

You don’t have half of meter in biceps and you only six pack is chilling in the fridge? No worries, kitesurfing is still a sport for you. I have seen people kitesurfing with a belly size of beer keg or even much over 60 year old. At first you legs could be a little sour, but it will go away quite fast. Then, when you start jumping, you will feel your belly.

Problem start when you start to do unhooked tricks. Full power of the kite is on your hands then. And lets don’t forget it is a power that lifts you couple meters above water. Till this moment kitesurfing is not hard on your upper body. So cool, next challenge.

Yes, challenge but also a problem. When I even think about the gym my heart palpitates. Running, this king of senseless one, around the park with no reason, equals ventricular fibrillation. I tried once to run on a treadmill, with TV. Still boring, but maybe this time just the show was wrong. 

I love kitesurfing (bombshell right?), skiing and basketball, but regular workouts are just sooooo boring. I think I don’t speak only for myself. Who of you tried to workout and after 3/4 days it was just enough? 

Another thing is that gym is almost like a ritual. You come back from work, drive to the gym, where they accept Multisport, so the other end of the city. Till you manage to get through traffic, you are already angry, that you didn’t pay 5 zł more and go to the one net to your flat. You are there, but an hour already passed through. With you eyes you can see same faces, like the where leaving there. One guy kisses his biceps in the mirror and the second one is lifting full weight. You are already down. It gets worse when you see a pretty girl somewhere out there.

So gym is off the table. My sister wanted me to try Chodakowska’s training. But fitness is for girls. It also reminded me about friends on my university devious plan to pick up girls on fitness like course. On paper it looked perfect. Pick up girls in theirs natural habitat. They just missed one thing, they would actually take that class. Of course on first class they managed to do all exercises... for first and last time. It’s just one of those stories with „c’mon how hard could it be?”. They had a daily reminder in theirs muscles that actually, quite hard.

Doing normal pull ups or squats is not my thing as well. But I think I found something just about right for me. Thingy is called TRX and basically it’s just two straps with a handle. No rocket science. It uses your weight and angle in reference to the ground as a load. When I think about my 90kg  this  assumption sounds about right. It’s also compact, so you can take it and use it pretty much everywhere. 

I’m no expert but it sounds like a perfect tool to train for kitesurfing. First of all it’s unstable, so you need to stabilise it with your muscles, which strengthen them and takes load from ligaments. Knee ligament is one of most common injuries in kitesurfing, so having them strengthen would be a good idea.

I thought that my legs are strong because I do mostly sport that uses mostly legs. So first leg exercises should be fairly easy for me... and they wre not. First 25 minutes of training took me 35 minutes. Next 10 min. I skipped cause my lungs were popping out of my chest and blood pomped to my head blocked my hearing so I couldn’t heat instructions anyway.

I have to say that I had good time. Mostly laughing at myself case that fairly easy exercises were killing me. I will continue to train with TRX. First workout from included DVD and then this:

On Polish auctions site you can find this beauty with the price lower than a monthly gym card. So for me it’s worth it. I would like to also hear about your trainings in comments. Maybe about some good diet first.


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