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Love saleswomen

I don’t like reading about places I’m planning to go. It’s quite simple I want to have my one feelings about the place instead of someone else's. Sooner or later I will find out about things I need to know. But still, going to Thailand I knew that place was the same thing which Egypt or Tunisia is for women. And yes, it will be about sex tourism.

At beginning I just want to say, that this text is not supposed to offend anyone. It’s not about nation itself, but about the things that happen quite often and I have seen with my own eyes or heard first handed.

My adventure I started with Phuket, which is one of the most touristic places there. When you go to Patong center by night, you will see a lot of clubs with pole dancers on the streets. But still it doesn’t feel too much like Asia. There are a lot of tourists, mostly from Europe and Australia. On Ko Phi Phi to was almost the same. Moon parties on the beach. I spend nice time there with Israeli and German people. Grrr… those Germans and their’s drink buckets…

It started to get more interesting in Chumphon. Tourist were looking more experienced and retired. Usually coming from Germany, Denmark or Netherlands. Those tourist were usually men in theirs 60’s or 70’s accompanied with 25 to 30 year old Thai women. 

At first I was a little shocked. Thailand doesn’t look as a very pour country, so I was wondering why so many women would go for that kind of arrangement.

Visit in Hua Hin gave me couple more answers. I met a guy that I knew from Morocco trip. He is also a kitesurfer. Better than me actually. In his 60’s but still i very good shape. I was actually wondering what was he doing there as he is from South Africa and there was also windy season there. When I asked he said it’s cheaper here and there are no girls for old men in South Africa. Then I started looking on the women thing a little different. But still the best was about to come.

Maybe lets start with the statement that from stories Thai women were supposed to be quiet, shy and very caring about theirs family and husband. But some how I only met noisy once, complaining about Thai men, sometimes even aggressive, as they were trying to prove that they are strong and independent. First one that felt different I met when I went to grab a beer with Polish instructor from kite spot I was usually kitesurfing on.

She was quiet, nice and intelligent. She was looking 25 or maybe even less. Next day we met up on the beach and she told me what is her story. She was really 25. Already divorced twice. Her first child was with Thai. Currently leaving in North with his father. Second child she had with her second husband, who was French. She is still living in his house with the child. Besides that she also has a „boyfriend” slash sponsor from Germany. And she looked interested in me as well. I, on the other hand, was trying to hide the fact that my jaw dropped all the way down to the sand.

My Polish friend said it’s just a way things work there. He said that if i meet 18 year old Thai girl and she says, she doesn’t have children, in 99% of cases she is lying. Her child is raise by her family somewhere in the North. She has old sponsor from Europe, States or Australia that sends her money every month. He visits here for 1 to 3 months a year. When dude is the „love” is flaming, she is the best girlfriend any „honey” could imagine. When he is not there, she would visit Sam Sam bar 7 times a week and bang any younger dude that is handsome, responds to „I like you” and is nice to her.

Sad truth is that 90% girls of women in clubs are working girls. But she wouldn’t tell you that. She would say she is hair dresser or masseuse. So you are under impression that you are talking with a nice girl for 2h and then she asks you: „how much would you pay me to go with you” or more direct „2000 baht”. Not a good feeling to learn that you are only a walking wallet to her.

But still the most crazy thing happen to me when by friend came from Poland and we went to club in Bangkok. Right after I entered the club girl comes to me and start speaking. It was loud and I couldn’t understand her. Then she took my hand and started to push it into her panties, screaming: „No ladyboy!!!”. I would with to see my facial expression then I was taking my hand from her. In the other hand what did you expected from city that has „bang” and „cock” in name.


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