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Italy trip

Ok, ok. It’s not like I was lazy, just kiting and I have forgotten about the world. It’s almost 3 weeks since we left Wrocław. So now I’m explaining myself.

By we I understand me and Dominika. Who will be with me till stop in Marseille. So after final car checks and box building (I couldn’t left my famous shisha) with Teo on friday and playing with electronics on Saturday finally on sunday we started the european part of the trip.

Sunday was driving day. Germany, Austria, last refuelling, cause we don’t want to pay that crazy money for petrol in Italy. GPS was good, but wait, I missed the turn. But still it looks good here. Let’s camp here. 

In the morning breakfast and search for a shop, where I can recharge my internet stick from trip to Malta. Found one, but they just shut the door to my face. Siesta time!!! Damn you Italy. So the „extra” time I used for connecting solar panels to the battery. 

I wonder what did people out there think. Weird car and a guy playing with wires. Ahmed the terrorist or what? But wait, at that time I was pale as a wall, so no. Maybe typical Polish family on holidays. But wait I left white socks and flip flops in the trunk.

While I was working with wires, I gave Dominika longboard so she can play with it. 

After all things are done we went for night swimming in the lake and then to Campione. We parked the car 5m from the lake. Fishes we jumping in the water just by the shore as if they wanted to learn how to walk. My thought were with dinner back then ;) But I decided to let them be.

Next day was long awaited kitesurfing. But first a little about the spot. On Garda Lake there is something called venturi effect. So on north part of the lake, where left and right shore is one or two hundred meters high there are termal winds. In the morning air travels from south to north, mainly on right shore. When in the afternoon stronger wind comes in the other direction and on left shore. So obviously for better chances for wind you should go to the left side ;)

In very north part of the like kiting is not allowed as to many kiters wanted to hug ferries there. As it turned out, ferries don’t like to be touched. And sticky kitesurfers were banned from that part of the lake.

At 1 pm wind started to pick up. I was expecting gusty winds, so I was a little surprised when wind was even like from hair dryier. Just launching the kite was a tricky part, as on shore wind is super gusty. As there is just one small beach were you can start your kite it’s not a place for beginners. To enter the spot you need to have 3rd level IKO card.

Unfortunately sleeping „anywhere” didn’t work fine for beach manager so we had to leave for the night to avoid meeting with the police. The team from kite spot in Campanile told us a bed news, that Italy shore from Genoa to France is no good for kitesurfing. I was a little sceptic about that opinion. As it turns out, they were right.

The shore is beautiful so it’s one of the place worth seeing. But narrow bays, with rocky cliffs and every meter of something that you may call beach is used either for a restaurant of beach with rental sits. So for kiting it was not so good. Especially there was no wind, and I suppose that only on shore would work.

After leaving Campione we slept in the car on a petrol station. So going on a camp site looked like a really good idea. Especially when our water tank was still empty and water pump not connected. So next morning I set water tank up. And we started driving again... For whole 100m. I need to work sometimes by the way.

In the evening a complete new thing for us Poles. Pizza!! Very sophisticated dish here in Italy. In city like Wrocław you barely can find a place where they prepare this peace of beauty...

Jokes are jokes and pizza was so we are driving further. Next stop Monaco. Police control welcomes us with theirs greetings. „Hash, marihuana, malboro”. No sorry it was Paris. As it turns out, car wasn’t stollen so we continued to streets where Formula 1 race is held.

We stopped most famous casino in Monaco, were average car value is half a million, whatever the currency. Even taxi driver had Bentleys there. I don’t think I could live in that kind of splendour... for long ;) But jokes aside. Highly eloquent talks in smoking, about taking over oil fields are just not my thing, so we drive along.

In Cannes there was suppose to be a place to park a car on Palm Beach, just aside kite spot. And there was one. But kite spot was part of the parking. Actually quite crowdy parking, with people parting and drinking. So not so good place for a camp. Especially by no camping signs and police visiting that place all the time. Sleeping there as off the table. Situation is not good, it’s middle of the night...

On that nerve wracking moment it’s time to end this part of the story. To be continue...


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